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Resmed Humidaire 3i Humidifier


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Please Note: A valid prescription is required.

ResMed’s HumidAire 3i Heated Humidifier directly connects to the S8 series CPAP Machine to transfer warm air from the water chamber to the user. Ease and efficiency were considered throughout the integrated design.Intended for use with the ResMed S8 Series CPAP Machines, the H3i does not require additional outlets or power supplies. The integrated unit snaps together to create one piece, allowing the machine and the humidifier to operate on the same power supply. Being that the humidifier and machine connect to become one device, the footprint is minimal. In fact, the unit is both unobtrusive on the night stand and easy to pack when travelling.

Product Specifications
Maximum Heater Plate Temperature: 185 deg F (85 deg C)
Temperature Cut-Out: 199 def F (93 def C)

Maximum Output Humidity: 95% relative humidity (control dial set to maximum setting, flow rate 50 L/min, ambient temperature of 68 def F (20 deg C), ambient relative humidity of 40%)

Chamber and Docking Station: 4.6″ L x 6.7″ W x 8.3″ H (118 mm L x 164 mm W x 145 mm H)

Docking Station and Unfilled Water Chamber: 670 g (1.5 lb)

Maximum Fill Line: 385 mL

Power Supply Input Range: 100-240V, 50/60Hz; 110V, 400Hz; 2.5A < 140 VA (110 W) (maximum power consumption).

Instantaneous peak power consumption <340 VA. Actual average power consumption will vary, depending on factors such as temperature setting, set pressure, the use of accessories, height above sea level and ambient temperature.
Maximum heater element power: 85 W

Housing Construction:

Docking Station: Flame retardant engineering thermoplastic, plated cast aluminium.
Water chamber: Injection moulded plastic, stainless steel.

Operating Temperature: +41 deg F to +104 deg F

Operating Humidity: 10-95% non-condensing
Storage and Transport Temperature: -4 deg F to +140 deg F
Storage and Transport Humidity: 10-95% non-condensing

IEC 60601-1 Classification

Class II (double insulation)