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Resmed Mirage Activa LT


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The Mirage Activa LT was designed for CPAP users who want a hassle-free mask that is easy to fit, comfortable, and provides a secure seal for restless sleepers. This design accommodates movement during sleep, which results in fewer mask leaks for restless sleepers. The bubble-like membrane surrounding the dual-wall cushion expands and contracts to varying pressures and allows for different sleeping positions during the night. The new ActiveCell membrane is less cumbersome than the original, but still prevents CPAP users from over-tightening the mask headgear to create a secure seal. A looser fitting mask reduces pressure points and prevents red marks.

Product Specifications
Frame: Polycarbonate
Clear Dial: Polycarbonate
Elbow: Polycarbonate
Headgear Clip: Polycarbonate
Forehead Support: Polycarbonate
Swivel: 15% PTFE in Polycarbonate
Ports Cap: Silicone Elastomer
Silicone Cushion: Silicone Elastomer
Cushion Clip: Polyester
Forehead Pad: Silicone Elastomer
Headgear Foam Layer: Open Cell Polyurethane
Headgear Loop: Nylon/Spandex
Headgear Underside Fabric: Nylon/Spandex
Fastener Tabs: Polycaproloctam (Polyamide Family)
Cloth Label: Rayon Acetate Satin