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Resmed Mirage Activa Softgel Nasal Mask


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The Mirage SoftGel nasal mask offers exceptional comfort with ResMed’s renowned performance and quality. The Mirage SoftGel provides a soft touch with strong stability for a comfortable, effective seal. Its unique DoubleGel cushion includes a blue gel layer for strong support and a clear gel layer that gently conforms to individual facial contours, making it easy, quick and intuitive to fit. DoubleGel technology automatically seals around the user’s face and offers a personalized fit. The two layers of gel provide comfort and stability while maintaining a solid seal. The clear gel layer sits against the cheeks and provides a soft, gentle feel while conforming to any unique facial features. The blue gel layer is more dense; therefore, providing additional support and stability once the mask is fitted.

Product Specifications

Frame: Polycarbonate
Clear Dial: Polycarbonate
Elbow: Polycarbonate
Headgear Clip: Polycarbonate
Forehead Support: Polycarbonate
Swivel: 15% PTFE in Polycarbonate
Ports Cap: Silicone Elastomer
Gel Cushion: Silicone Elastomer with Silicone Gel and Silicone Eslastomer
Cushion Clip: Polyester
Forehead Pad: Silicone Elastomer
Headgear Foam Layer: Open Cell Polyurethane
Headgear Loop: Nylon/Spandex
Headgear Underside Fabric: Nylon/Spandex
Fastener Tabs: Polycaproloctam (Polyamide Family)
Cloth Label: Rayon Acetate Satin