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Resmed Quattro FX


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The streamlined design is unobtrusive and covers less of the face. Experience better performance with a focus on compliance through comfort. The Quattro FX features fewer points of contact on the face, a flexible Spring Air cushion and frame, and a Swing Seal fitting technique for a quick and easy adjustment process.The overall size and design is ideal for side sleepers, with a clear line of sight and fewer points of contact to the face. The Quattro FX comes with Spring Air technology that enables the cushion and frame to be responsive and flexible, while providing a solid base for the cushion to seal properly.

Product Specifications

The mask system does not contain latex, PVC or DEHP materials.

Material Components for Quattro™ FX Full Face Mask with Headgear

Frame: Polycarbonate
Swivel: 15% PTFE in Polycarbonate
Elbow: Polycarbonate (NV has a blue tint)
Headgear Clip: Polyester (PBT)
Port Cap: Silicone Elastomer
Mask Cushion: Silicone Elastomer
Valve: Silicone Elastomer
Valve Clip: Polycarbonate
Headgear: Nylon / Spandex; Open cell Polyurethane; Polycaprolactam (Polyamide Family); Rayon acetate satin
Soft Sleeves: Nylon / 12% Spandex