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If you are a snorer, don’t worry. You aren’t alone! Studies estimate that 45% of adults occasionally snore, while 25% of adults snore regularly. While snoring is not uncommon, it can be uncomfortable and even painful if you snore regularly. Habitual snoring can cause disruptive sleep for you or your partner, but it can also be connected to serious sleep disorders like sleep apnea. If you are struggling , there are several treatment options. Here are six solutions that can help you sleep better:

  • Elevate your head: By sleeping with an extra pillow, you can help open up your airways and prevent snoring.
  • Nasal strips: Nasal strips are plaster-like strips that are placed on the bridge of the nose at night. These strips help open up your nasal passageways and prevent snoring.
  • Address health problems: If you suffer from chronic allergies or are overweight, both of these conditions can cause snoring.
  • Change your diet: There are several foods and beverages that increase phlegm production and inflammation, which makes it much worse. One of the simplest solutions is to change your diet. Before bed, avoid drinking alcohol or coffee and eating wheat, sugar, dairy, and fruit.
  • CPAP machine: CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. A CPAP machine is used for those who suffer with sleep apnea. The machine is used throughout the night and helps to increase air pressure in the throat to prevent snoring.
  • Sleep study: If you snore constantly, you should consider taking part in a sleep study. Sleep studies are conducted by sleep experts who can help pinpoint the cause of your snoring, while also providing you with several solutions.

Don’t be embarrassed if you struggle with snoring. If you only snore on occasion, such as when you are sleep deprived or sick, don’t worry. This is completely normal and shouldn’t cause any health problems. However, if you snore regularly, you should consult a sleep specialist. In the meantime, try some of these snoring solutions listed above.