November 1, 2018
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Resmed Cpap machine suppliers in South Africa


CPAP Essentials is a proud distributor of Resmed CPAP products in South Africa. Resmed provides a range Sleep apnea products & solutions. ResMed offers a full range of sleep therapy options, from CPAP and respiratory care offerings to oral appliances, and humidifiers.

Voted as the #1 manufacturer of CPAP masks, ResMed continues to evolve and provide innovative and effective CPAP products. With the introduction of the AirSense CPAP line and AirFit CPAP masks, ResMed has effectively put therapy in the hands of its users. CPAP Essentials is proud to partner with ResMed and provide all necessary CPAP products including CPAP machines, CPAP masks, parts and accessories.

The Resmed CPAP products are renowned for offering users optimal comfort. By bringing together cutting-edge comfort technologies, Resmed is able to provide unique solution that is just right for you. Experience optimal comfort in your sleep apnea therapy by choosing a combination of therapy device, mask and humidification that suits your individual needs.

With ResMed Air Solutions, which are designed to be intuitive and easy to use you will find that experiencing a good night’s sleep is now even easier. To help you along the way, comfort and support is available at every stage through CPAP essentials, the leading supplier for Resmed products in South Africa.

The AirSenseTM 10 Elite device is the perfect example of the cutting edge technology supplied by Resmed in South Africa. This device has an optional integrated humidifier and optional heated tube designed to optimise your comfort. No more complex settings with the AirSenseTM 10 Elite, just press Start. Let’s not forget ResMed’s tiny yet fully-featured AirMini, designed as a secondary CPAP, making it easier for people to continue their sleep apnea therapy while traveling.

As an addition to ResMed’s industry-leading Air Solutions portfolio, the AirMini offers multiple benefits to home medical equipment providers—supporting increased therapy compliance and convenience for their patients.

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