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There are three major benefits to using a CPAP machine with sleep:

  • Snoring can have a big impact on quality of life if it interferes with your partner and disrupts their sleep. Studies indicate that snoring affects he blood vessels in the neck which can disturb blood flow to the brain. The risks of snoring itself (without OSA) beyond the disturbance it creates remain unclear.
  • CPAP machines can improve Sleep Apnea symptoms. Most patients report feeling better after using their CPAP machines at night. Research has shown improvements to daytime sleepiness, general quality of life, and reduced risk of motor vehicle accidents.
  • CPAP machines can improve cardiac and diabetes risks as well as improve high blood pressure and likely reduces the risk of heart attack and other serious medical conditions.

Can Sleep Apnea kill me?

Stoppages in breathing can be alarming and patients worry that sleep apnea may kill them during sleep. Generally, Sleep Apnea sufferers wake up from sleep rather than allowing stoppages in breathing to go on for a long time. Long term studies have revealed that if Sleep Apnea goes on for years untreated, the risk of death may increase slightly. Sleep Apnea is not considered a fatal disease, but rather a disease that can cause long term health problems without treatment.

What happens if I can’t tolerate CPAP therapy?

CPAP therapy can provide major benefits for most patients, but it is not for everyone. Sleep Clinics will recommend other types of positive airway pressure therapy for patients who can’t tolerate CPAP. A large variety of masks and pressure delivery approaches are available. Patients are encouraged to try various devices before giving up on CPAP. CPAP masks can be uncomfortable when you are not used to them but they are not invasive.

After your diagnoses at a sleep clinic they will assist and recommend the best Cpap Machine for your requirements. Cpap Essentials supplies a wide range of Cpap machines and accessories, please contact us for any questions you may have.