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Chronically disturbed sleep will affect every organ of your body, including your skin. Severe insomnia is known to have devastating impacts on the organs and whole body; it can even be fatal. However, a pattern of disturbed sleep, with interrupted sleep cycles, can also quickly affect certain organs – and eventually all of them.

The effect of broken sleep on the Brain

The first organ to feel the negative effects of disturbed sleep is the brain. The impact on the brain is noticeable after one night- from tiredness to lack of focus, low mood to irritability.

These affects are initially due to the direct impact of disturbed sleep. However, continued disturbed sleep will impact even more heavily on the heart. When that happens, poor circulation of oxygen and high blood pressure will add to the negative impact on the brain.

Continued poor quality sleep from nightly disturbances can lead to lack of co-ordination, severe concentration issues, difficulties with so-called ‘executive functions’, anxiety, depression and illness. It can also lead to a stroke.

The impact of frequent waking on the Heart & circulatory system

The impact of disturbed sleep on the heart can become serious very quickly.

  • The most significant health threats for people who suffer from sleep apnea start with damage to the heart. This starts with blood pressure not ‘dipping’ at night as it should and goes on to hypertension.
  • Fragmented sleep can therefore lead to increased risk of stroke, as well as heart attacks, irregular heartbeat events and heart disease thanks to it’s impact on the body’s ‘powerhouse’ – the heart.
  • A weak and inflamed heart can lead to ‘oxidative stress’ in all organs of the body. This in turn leads to inflammation, pain and a host of possible consequences and diseases throughout the body. This can create a vicious cycle of health issues. It is well known know that chronic lack of sleep contributes to the development of diabetes.

The body’s inability to repair itself through normal sleep cycles compromises the entire body, with every organ affected in the end. Including your skin – another organ that is quick to show the effects of disturbed sleep.