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If you are looking for the best cpap machine price in South Africa, you may be surprised to find you have quite a few retail options for getting the best price on CPAP machines and other CPAP equipment and accessories.

Like most things these days, you can buy CPAP machines and CPAP accessories online. It’s just one way to obtain the equipment you need for CPAP treatment.
The other way is to purchase CPAP equipment is directly through your doctor’s office (if the practice is a Durable Medical Equipment stockist), or through a practice specialising in CPAP treatment.

What are the prices of CPAP machines in South Africa?

There can be a big variation in the price of CPAP machines in South Africa. It depends on the make and model. Some types of CPAP machines have more, or more advanced features, and different CPAP machines and set ups are required for differing levels and applications of CPAP treatment. Prices for the CPAP machine alone can go upward from R15 000. Standard CPAP accessories such as masks can easily set you back around R2 000 or more. It can get expensive, so it’s wise to look for the best prices on machines and other CPAP equipment you may need.

It may seem better to purchase yourself if you are looking for deals on CPAP machines. If you know what CPAP equipment you need to get, surely it would better to buy online? Surely it would work out cheaper without the overheads a vendor would add on to the price.

For the best prices and price deals, order your CPAP machine through your doctor

Not necessarily. If you want to get the best price on a CPAP machine in South Africa, it would be better to get your doctor to order for you. In fact, to get the best prices on a CPAP machine, or to get Medical Aid to cover the costs of CPAP equipment and accessories, it may be essential to purchase through your doctor’s medical practice or through an affiliated or recommended vendor.

  • It’s important to remember that CPAP machines are imported. If you are buying online, you are most likely buying directly from a Medical Equipment importer. You will save be better able to get a good price through the discounted import prices these suppliers offer Medical Professionals.
  • The cost is also covered by Medical Aids to one degree or another. Medical Aids will usually only pay for a select list of Medical Equipment and this applies to CPAP machines. Most CPAP accessories (such as masks and pillows) will be covered by Medical Aid.

Of course, the best price for a CPAP machine in South Africa really equals the best value for the price paid. The highest quality CPAP machines and accessories are always the best option for the safest and most effective CPAP treatment. Yes, you can order online, but it’s always best to consult with your doctor or CPAP treatment professionals to determine the best CPAP equipment for your needs. And if you want your CPAP machine at the best price available in South Africa, it’s best to let your CPAP professionals order online for you.