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Philips Wisp pediatric nasal mask


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Wisp pediatric evolves the proven Wisp nasal mask design to fit the unique needs of children. It features a child-friendly fabric pattern, a modified cushion shape, a Leak Correction Dial that lets parents and caregivers adjust the mask without removing it, and a suite of family support tools to help provide a positive therapy experience.


Designed just for children:
Maximum comfort in a mask made just for children. A mask truly designed for children – from the shape of the frame to the curve of the cushion. Children can comfortably wear the mask during their normal daily activities. Click fit headgear clips with adjustable straps provide for quick and easy fitting. A 360° rotating elbow and auto seal groove cushion promotes freedom of movement while providing an excellent seal.

Support for families:
To ease children into therapy and help parents too. The mask’s fun, child-friendly giraffe print and soft, fabric materials inspired the creation of Jacky the Giraffe. Jacky stars in an animated cartoon available on DreamMapper or our YouTube channel. Children can see Jacky and friends exploring a fantasy world — promoting acceptance of the mask. And, our caregiver guide helps parents get familiar with therapy and its benefits.