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Sleep disorders have become a considerable health problem in South Africa and worldwide. With added stress and environmental changes more and more people are suffering from sleep disorders, the largest percentage suffering from sleep apnea.

One particular universal and standard medication for sleep apnea is constant helpful airway pressure through a CPAP mask.

Patient’s wear a CPAP mask during the night over their mouth and nose. The masks fix to a small CPAP machine with a hosepipe. The Cpap machine drives pressured air into the patients airway to keep it open while they are sleeping.

The following are the three types of CPAP masks

Nasal CPAP mask

This is the type of CPAP mask that covers the patient’s nose from the nose to their upper lip: this allows an indirect air breather to pass through the nasal mask and works effectively for patients who need more air pressure.

The nasal CPAP Mask provides patients with a lot more all-round options and is pacification between the sizable full face CPAP mask and the light weight nasal pillows.

A medical doctor may recommend CPAP Mask to patients who:

  • Move around a lot in their sleep
  • Need a higher pressure setting on their CPAP machine
  • Want a good selection of mask options.
  • Prefer a more natural air flow.

Nasal Pillows

Nasal Pillows are a compact and lightweight option that provides minimal contact with their face. They work best with prescriptions with low to medium settings because direct airflow through the nostrils at high settings may be uncomfortable.

A medical doctor may recommend nasal Pillows to patients who:

  • Toss and turn in their sleep
  • Breathe through their nose
  • Have a lot of facial hair

Full face CPAP Mask

Dissimilar to nasal mask and nasal pillows, which are sealed only in the nose; the full face CPAP mask covers the mouth and the nose. They cover a larger are of your face to create a CPAP seal on both the respiratory tracts. Although some patients believe that the size of these masks is somewhat uncomfortable, they are the perfect solution for patients who need more pressure and are breathing through the mouth.

A medical doctor may recommend full face CPAP masks to patients who:

  • Breathe via their mouth primarily
  • Need a high pressure setting CPAP machine setting

If you feel that you are suffering from a sleep disorder, please make an appointment with your local GP. They in turn can access you and give you a referral to your closest Sleep Test Clinic.