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Cpap machines and masks come with a variety of Cpap accessories for sleep apnea sufferers. These accessories can help you get the most from your ongoing Cpap treatment. They aid your comfort in sleeping with the mask on and help you get the perfect fit.

They can also help to prevent or alleviate common and initial side-effects such as skin chaffing.

There is a varied range of Cpap accessories to help each sleep apnea sufferer set up their Cpap – from machine to hoses to mask fittings – the way they need it.

Common Cpap accessories include:

  • Filters: help to clean or sterilise the air from the Cpap
  • Cpap Humidifiers and water chambers: help moisten the air coming through the tubing, preventing cracked skin and nosebleeds
  • Mask Cushions and Sponges: used to create a barrier between mask and skin where there is chaffing or redness.
  • Nasal Cushions: help you position nasal masks comfortably and prevent chaffing
  • Pillow Seals: lightweight air-seal options for nasal masks
  • Silicone Seals: to prevent air escaping on full face masks
  • Headgears: different headgears and headgear configurations are needed for various sleep positions, fit and to help keep masks in place.
  • Glider Straps: are not pushed out of place by head movement on pillows – good for restless sleepers and flexi-masks
  • Heated Tubing: heated tubing helps maintain air temperature to avoid condensation building up inside the tubing. Used with Cpap humidifiers.
  • Standard Tubing: tubes can get damaged and it’s good to have spares or extra for flexible Cpap machine set ups
  • Swivel Connections: connect tubing to mask and allow for comfortable head movement


Cpap Accessories for travel:

Suffering from sleep apnea doesn’t mean you have to stay at home with your machine. Portable Cpap machines (with their own travel bags), lightweight masks and Cpap travel accessories offer full mobility – and peace of mind, in cases of severe sleep apnea where sufferers can’t risk being without the Cpap.

Cpap Essentials stocks a wide range of Cpap machines and accessories. Please feel free to contact us for a price on your Cpap machine.