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Cpap Masks are easy to use and highly effective, however some people suffer from common problems. They have improved the quality of life of countless people who suffer from chronic obstructive sleep apnea, allowing them to breathe through the night without an apnea episode, and so sleep better.

However, there are some Cpap Mask common problems that can crop up with the use of them:

  • Cpap masks come in different sizes, and slightly different designs. If you use the wrong size mask it won’t fit snugly, allowing air to escape. This makes the Cpap device less efficient. If air escapes into the eyes, it can causing painful ‘dry eyes’.
  • An ill-fitting mask can also ‘chaff’ the skin on your face and cause rashes and sores.
  • A restless sleeper may partially dislodge their Cpap mask. Some designs have extra straps to help keep the mask in place, and extra padding (including ‘eye pillows’) can help to maintain a secure and snug fit.
  • However, some individuals may suffer from ‘pressure sores’ on their face from a snug-enough mask. This can be a problem until the skin is accustomed to the mask.
  • A related problem is the claustrophobia many users experience on first using a Cpap. Both of these problems can be mitigated if you take time to get used to the mask, wearing it for an hour, then two, then three, during the day until you are comfortable with it.
  • Other common problems with the Cpap include a ‘dry mouth’ and irritated nasal passages. The first occurs with people who breathe through their mouths as a habit, and the second is common among many users at first.

All of the above are easy problems to deal with. Another, more serious, common problem is that some people feel that the pressure prevents them from breathing out. This may require changing a Cpap (which work on one continuous pressure setting for both inhaling and exhaling) for a Bipap, which uses two pressure settings.

There is nothing like getting a good nights sleep for total sleep satisfaction, allowing you to be alert and full of energy the following day. Please consult your doctor if you feel that you have any problems with your Cpap mask.