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CPAP treatment can be uncomfortable without certain standard CPAP accessories.
These maximise the benefits of undisturbed, good quality sleep that CPAP treatment can offer. They also ensure that the CPAP equipment works as it should. They:

  • Help you feel comfortable and stay comfortable through the night.
  • Help with keeping the various piece of equipment in place when you move in your sleep.
  • Ensure that the CPAP equipment fits properly, that no air escapes and the flow of air is not interrupted.
  • Prevent skin chaffing and irritation.

The following CPAP accessories are necessary for ongoing treatment. They will make your CPAP treatment more comfortable, safer, and more reliable.

Essential CPAP Accessories:

  • Strap Covers: fleece strap covers help to prevent chaffing from your headgear. They also help the headgear fit snugly and evenly.
  • Nasal Mask Liners: padded mask liners are essential CPAP accessories to ensure that the silicone mask does not rub against your skin. This is not only for comfort; it ensures that the mask fits correctly and remains airtight.
  • Special Pillows: There are various designs of contoured CPAP pillows, and they can be essential for comfortable and efficient CPAP treatment.Available in different shapes and sizes to suit different headgear and masks, CPAP pillows help to position your head correctly. Sleep Apnea Pillows can also ensure that your mask does not slip if you turn your head to the side or sleep on your side.

  • Humidifiers: Heated humidifiers are one of the most important CPAP accessories for comfort The pressurised air from the CPAP machine can be dry and can cause uncomfortable nasal dryness. CPAP humidifiers are designed to prevent this. Again, this is not only for comfort; it contributes to your getting maximise benefit from the CPAP treatment.

Other ‘Comfort Accessories’ for CPAP treatment:

  • Chin Straps: help to keep your headgear and mask in place. Like the pillows they can be crucial to prevent air escaping, as well as preventing chaffing injuries and discomfort.
    Chin straps can also stop your mouth from falling open – helping to prevent snoring.
  • Nasal Pillows and Gels: Though not always needed, nasal pillows and gels provide another level of protection against movement and chaffing.

Other CPAP accessories are designed to further ensure that all parts of the CPAP equipment can be kept clean easily, fit correctly, and stay fitting correctly despite movement.
Efficient, comfortable CPAP treatment is achievable for anyone with the right combination of CPAP accessories.