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If you are using CPAP to help you manage your sleep apnea, you should be aware of when you may need to replace parts and CPAP device accessories. This will help you budget for the replacements and ensure that you order them on time.

The most basic elements of your sleep apnea device are the CPAP machine and pipes and the CPAP mask.

CPAP machine life expectancy and parts replacements:

CPAP machines last for around 3 – 5 years, but parts such as the mask, the tubing, air filters and cushions will need to be replaced more often.

  • The most significant part of the device that need frequent replacing is the mask. This gets worn out quite quickly with nightly use and will need to be replaced at least 5 or 6 times a year – or as frequently as once a month.
    This is because the masks have several parts that experience a lot of wear and tear – such as the frame, cushions, straps and the tubing connection. They get worn out through contact and movement, so an apnea sufferer who moves around a lot, or readjusts the mask a lot, will need to replace the mask more often than one who lies still through the night. The other reason is simply hygiene.
    Nasal masks need to be replaced more frequently than full-face masks – as often as twice a month for hygienic reasons.
  • The CPAP tubing can also get worn out more quickly when the sleeper moves about a lot in the course of the night. They can develop cracks and splits. It’s a good idea to inspect them at least once a week and be ready to replace them every 2 – 3 months.
  • Air filters need to be replaced once a week, as they get clogged quickly.
  • Headgears can be replaced every 2 – 3 months. Again – a lot depends on how restless the sleeper is.

To replace your Sleep Apnea device is infrequent, the individual parts and accessories that experience wear and tear and can become clogged and unhygienic, need to be replaced often for the treatment to be effective – and safe.